Meet Deb Conroy

Deb Conroy is a dedicated public servant with a long history of supporting her community. Deb attended York Community High School, the College of DuPage, and Columbia College. In 2012, Deb successfully ran for state representative in the 46th District. Before her successful campaign for state representative, Deb served on the school board for Elmhurst District 205, where she fought to improve access to education for special needs students. As a State Representative, Deb Conroy is the co-founder of the House Democratic Women's Caucus and a leader in protecting women's healthcare rights.

Deb has always stood for what is right and has never backed down from a challenge. As a State Representative, Deb stood up to insurance companies when they refused to cover the cost of treatment for children suffering from Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections (PANDAS). In 2017, Deb passed bi-partisan legislation that required insurance companies to cover the cost of this life-changing treatment. This legislation has served as a nationwide model for helping children receive necessary treatments.

In 2018, Deb donated a kidney to her ex-husband. This experience led to continued advocacy to ensure individuals and their loved ones had access to life-saving medical treatments by passing the Living Donor Protection Act. This act protects living donors from being discriminated against by insurance companies solely because they are living donors.

In Springfield, Deb has advocated for expanded mental health and addiction services. Deb serves as the first Chair of the Mental Health and Addiction Committee at the state level and has led a bipartisan fight to remove the stigma associated with mental health and addiction treatment. As the opioid scourge arose in DuPage County and across the state, Deb passed legislation that expanded access to the life-saving drug Naloxone. This expanded access has allowed first responders and those caring for individuals suffering from addiction the ability to save lives. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our communities saw the ever-expanding need for mental health services. Deb passed bipartisan legislation that increases access to mental health and substance abuse disorders, so those in need can receive the necessary treatment.

Deb knows that to continue growing our economy in DuPage County, we must continue to make it an attractive and safe destination for families and businesses. For too long government was allowed to expand at the expense of taxpayers. Working to lower property taxes for residents, Deb passed legislation that consolidated or eliminated unnecessary government entities without affecting services. Deb worked to expand law enforcement agencies' tools by passing legislation targeting retail crime rings' leaders, so businesses and shoppers feel safe.

Deb Conroy is a proud mother to four adult sons. She currently resides in Elmhurst and is a proud resident of DuPage County.

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